Sunday, June 5, 2022

OpenSea's Tree of Life Collection. Web3 Campaign

 BACKGROUND: ​​​​​​​

My study revealed that NFT's assets have exploded in recent years. NFTs are purchased simply to have digital assets. However, they are of very limited use in their daily lives. This requires a proactive approach.

The value of owning a NFT extends much further than a financial investment. Yes, you have to mint or purchase an NFT, and spend money in order to own it, but owning an NFT is so much more than that. 


I realized that NFT assets should be used both online and off-line. This led us to ask: Is it possible to use NFTs in the real world? Should people refrain from using NFTs when they do not have computers to run them? What services could you offer? How would you feel about joining a community?


Join Markzunivere's community for access to valuable content and professional services.

The NFT campaign has two phases. 

Phase One: Download original images by clicking unlockable content. 

The NFT can be used by customers at home or on projects they are working on. 240-megapixel photographs can be downloaded for customers to use by clicking the unlockable content.

Phase Two: We can provide services while we receiving payment in any token of your choice crypto payment will be made, you can drastically reduce gas fees (transactions required to support and validate blockchain).

The Markzuniverse team invites you to become a member by purchasing any of the NFTs from the collections. By joining the Markzuniverse community you will have access to a wide range of resources, including tutorials, making offs, discounts for advertising services, among others.


As part of our NFTs with unlockable content, we shared on social media ideas on how to utilize 6016 x 4016 pixels 240 DPI photographs to implement NFTs in a variety of ways. In addition to making their own wall art, customers are able to create custom merchandise, such as labels for bottles, album covers, packaging, t-shirts, and many more print ideas.


In the present time, this campaign is ONLINE. I'm  testing data to see how it performs.

Find out more about Tree of Life Collection

Layout of Tree of Life Collection on OpenSea

Virtual visit

Coming soon assets

Graphic design assets

How to use your NFTs

In order to identify tokens, graphs are used to provide a visual representation of the tokens based on their number


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