VINIFAN. Advertising

The company is ranked among the 500 largest Peruvian companies in terms of revenue. The company is also one of the top five largest plastics companies in the region as well.
I have worked on B2B and B2C marketing projects that have included brand licensing as part of the project. As a result of following the style guide and creating interesting brand products for the CIPSA brand by designing several school supplies, I was able to increase revenue sources, enhance the company's image, and increase sales of the company's core products.

Independent project
Advertiser: CIPSA Plastic Industries Corporation
Product: Vinifan
Entry Type: Advertising
Art Director: Marco Zuniga
Graphic Designer: Marco Zuniga
Contact: Aldo Acervo

I have had the honor of collaborating with the renowned brand Vinifan for several years, creating school products featuring prestigious licenses such as Mattel, Marvel, Disney, Snoopy, Hasbro, Peanut, and Barney, among others. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of being deeply involved in the comprehensive development of the brand identity for each of these licenses.

During this time, all my designs have undergone rigorous review and approval by the respective license holders, who have praised my work for its excellence and meticulous adherence to the graphic guidelines with utmost professionalism.

Upon completing this phase of the project, I have continued to develop advertising campaigns across various media channels, including school fairs, posters, banners, and flyers. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to design bus wraps, creating a striking presence for the products within the urban environment, as demonstrated in the attached examples.

As a final step, I have created detailed sales sheets containing all the designs developed, enabling the company's sales representatives to effectively present the new products to major retailers. These sales sheets serve as invaluable tools for promoting and marketing the products, while reflecting the high level of quality and professionalism in design that characterizes Vinifan.

It is a great source of pride for me to have contributed to Vinifan's success through my work as a graphic designer. I am delighted to have played a key role in the development of school products that bring joy and excitement to children, while meeting the established standards of quality set by these renowned licenses.

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