Revolutionizing Student Engagement: UPC University's Innovative Approach to Information Access and Community Interaction

Revolutionizing Student Engagement: UPC University's Innovative Approach to Information Access and Community Interaction

UPC is a peruvian distinguished private university situated within the esteemed Laureate International Universities network, which comprises the world's largest network of private universities. As an Art Director, I had the privilege of being recruited by the UPC marketing team to make the creation of captivating landing pages, ads, campaigns, and diverse layouts, all aimed at effectively announcing news and updates within the university.

In this article, I will showcase a series of creative projects I developed during my time working with the University of Applied Sciences UPC. By sharing these projects, my goal is to inspire others and provide them with valuable ideas for their own endeavors.

Executives Account: Pamela Sánchez - Gabriela Martínez
Directors of Marketing: Monica Goyzueta - Enrique De las Casas Denegri
Art Director: Mark Zuniga

Project 1: Empowering Students with New Updates
The primary objective of this project was to enable all students to easily access the latest updates regarding their academic program. To achieve this, I devised a range of innovative ideas tailored to various locations where students typically gather with friends. These ideas aimed to engage and disseminate vital information effectively.

The concept entailed strategically placing QR codes in various locations throughout the university, allowing students to conveniently access relevant information about their respective academic programs. Additionally, we envisioned the creation of a conversational chat platform to facilitate community engagement and address any questions students may have. By implementing these initiatives, we aimed to enhance accessibility and foster a sense of collaboration within the university community.

Project Examples:

Real Madrid Foundation Collaboration
During my tenure, I had the opportunity to make proposals and design flyers with the esteemed Real Madrid Foundation.

Direct Marketing Initiatives
As a result of my experiences in direct marketing, I have participated in a variety of campaigns that included personalized communication methods. We were able to reach a specific group of students for careers by leveraging targeted messaging for students.

Digital Campaigns
I have been a part of several digital campaigns that were comprehensive in nature as a result of my solid understanding of the digital landscape. In order to enhance the visibility of the information for students, these initiatives used a variety of channels, such as social media and e-mail marketing, to increase visibility of the information

Diverse Communication Channels
Due to the importance of diverse communication channels, we explored avenues beyond traditional advertising methods to reach our target audience. Through the use of creative mediums, we were able to effectively reach a wider audience and to foster meaningful connections with them.

Having worked on a variety of different projects throughout my career, I have gained a great deal of insight and expertise. It is my hope that by sharing the highlights of my work at the University of Applied Sciences UPC as well as other innovative marketing strategies, I will be able to inspire and guide other individuals in their own pursuit of innovative marketing strategies.

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