Thursday, November 21, 2013

Puquna. Brand Identity

Agency: Base Agency
Advertiser: Puquna
Art Director: Marco Zuniga
Senior Graphic Designer: Marco Zuniga


Brand Identity

Proposal 2

Friday, November 8, 2013

UPC University. New degree programs

A private university located in Laureate International Universities, the network of the world's largest private universities.
The Department of Communication & Marketing at UPC University has an old syllabus that needs to be refresh with the new mass media.

Title: New Degree Programs
Advertiser: Faculty of Marketing & Communication at UPC
Project: A strategy of communication for students of Marketing career at the university. 

Degree programs will be downloaded through to a landing page. The syllabus will update to a new version soon (analogy-comparing it with a computer software).

The challenge to communicate was to used the social media, common areas in the school and student's smartphones.
In that campaign, I created human billboards, flyers, and signals at the university as shown in the images below. Also, I needed to create a name for this New Degree Programs.

Advertiser: UPC Universidad Peruana de Ciencia Aplicadas
Career: Department of Communication & Marketing at UPC
Career Director: Monica Goyzueta
Concept Art Director: Marco Zuniga
Graphic Designer : Marco Zuniga

Selling idea

WhatsApp Group


Code QR

Flyer gave in common areas

A responsive landing page


Human Billboards at common areas

Social media

A landing page

Launch!... in a landing page

A brochure

Social media quotes

Named: Com&Mkt14 (New syllabus)

Graphic design assets

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