Dark Dining Event. Benefiting (RMHC) Foundation. Art Direction

This event was centered around the concept of living the New York 1920's era. To begin the campaign, we searched for similar locations and sumptuous costumes to the NY1920's era. As a result, the audience was involved in both the show and the music as a whole. In order to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House Charities Foundation (RMHC), we used the funds collected from our sponsors and ticket sales to make a donation.
Some of my responsibility was to manage and direct this project. I began by writing a storyboard, and then we worked with artistic collaborators and providers of outdoor advertising to produce the event. I led the photoshoot, designed and developed the digital media assets. My team and I as a Head of Art developed a style guide and an environmental design event, which were posted on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram by our social media manager. 

Table of contents:

• Introduction
• Main credits
• Case study
• The concept
• Storyboard
• Videos on YouTube
• Photoshoot
• Recap
• Selling Idea
• Event website
• Event style guide
• Email marketing
• Behind the scenes
• Credits

Welcome to Dark Dining 2015 "The Eve Of Prohibition.”

The aim of this event is to present for the second consecutive year "Dark Dining" 2015 by Chef Adrianne Calvo. Dark Dining has been defined as "a sensory overload encounter that maximizes the art of flavor. This unique concept creates the ultimate dark dining experience." 
In addition, we collect funds from our sponsors and ticket sales to donate to the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Foundation.

Main credits:
Agency: GMG Advertising Agency. Miami FL
Advertiser: Chef Adrianne Calvo
Benefiting: Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Foundation.
Chairman & CCO: Mike Beovides
Head of Art: Mark Zuniga
Concept Art Director: Mark Zuniga
Storyboard: Mark Zuniga
Graphic Designer: Mark Zuniga
Retoucher: Mark Zuniga
Photographer: Ines Ayra

Case study

Storyboard pg. 1
Author: Marco Zuniga

Storyboard pg. 2
Author: Marco Zuniga

Videos on YouTube

Location: The Westin Colonnade, Coral Gables
Art Direction: Mark Zuniga
Story Board: Mark Zuniga
Filmmaker: Danilo Gonzales
2nd. camera: Erick Coego
Photographer: Ines Ayra

Event highlights

Opening Dark Dining "The Eve of Prohibition." 


ChefAdrianne Calvo
At Elevators / dining room / Lounge:
- Sandra Ibanez and Monica Ibanez
At Living room / dining room / lounge:
- Annette Corzo, Madeline Avila, Adrian Avila and Janio Corzo. 
At Living room/lounge:
- Victoria Ann Labarta

At elevators

at Lounge

at the living room

at the dining room

Dark Dining Event "The Eve of Prohibition" YouTube video 

Opening Dark Dining "The Eve of Prohibition." 

Dark Dining: Recap

The concept

Chef Adrianne Calvo

The dining

Environmental design

Installation environmental design


Dark dining experience


Dark Dining: Selling Idea

Head of Art: Marco Zuniga
Concept Art Director: Marco Zuniga
Graphic Designer: Marco Zuniga
Retoucher: Marco Zuniga
Photographer: Ines Ayra

See more PDF Presented:

Event website


Purchase tickets


Event Style Guide

Art Director: Marco Zuniga
Graphic Designer: Marco Zuniga
Illustrator: Marco Zuniga
Retoucher: Marco Zuniga

Digital marketing
Facebook / Instagram / Website

Graphic Designer: Marco Zuniga
Retoucher: Marco Zuniga
Photographer: Ines Ayra

See more PDF Schedule:

Email marketing

Behind the scenes

Props design

Making props: Digital technique

Sponsors thank you for support:

CEO: Mike Beovides
Account Director: Victoria Ann Labarta
Head of Art: Mark Zuniga
Art Director: Mark Zuniga
Storyboard: Mark Zuniga
Production Manager: Ines Ayra
Copywriter: Ines Ayra
Web Developer: Lilian Figueroa
Web Designer: Mark Zuniga

Photographer: Ines Ayra
Art Direction: Mark Zuniga

Scenography: The Westin Colonnade, Coral Gables. Miami FL
Production: Dann Creative Solution
Filmmaker: Danilo Gonzales
Art Direction: Mark Zuniga
Storyboard: Mark Zuniga
Digital Edition: Erick Coego
Technical Producer: Erick Coego
Sound: Erick Coego
Color correction: Erick Coego
Photography Making of Ines Ayra
Film Making of Erick Coego
Locker Room: My Best Friend's Closet
Make-up and Styling: Alore - Ines Ayra
Props: Apple Event Production
Lights: Apple Event Production

Casting: Ines Ayra
Chef: Adrianne Calvo
Models: Sandra Ibanez | Monica Ibañez
Victoria Ann Labarta | Annette Corzo
Madeline Avila | Adrian Avila | Janio Corzo

Post Production: Erick Coego
Project Manager: Mark Zuniga
Coordination and Support: Ines Ayra

Thank you, Team!

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