Thursday, November 21, 2013

Puquna. Brand Identity

Agency: Base Agency
Advertiser: Puquna
Art Director: Marco Zuniga
Senior Graphic Designer: Marco Zuniga


Brand Identity

Proposal 2

Friday, November 8, 2013

UPC University. New degree programs

The Communication & Marketing department at UPC University wanted students to pay attention and download the new syllabus promptly when instructed, ensuring that no one missed downloading this important document. So, we began the campaign by identifying the places where students typically spend time with their friends, encouraging them to discuss the topic and make it public among themselves.

A private university located in Laureate International Universities, the network of the world's largest private universities.
The Department of Communication & Marketing at UPC University has an old syllabus that needs to be refresh with the new mass media.

Title: New Degree Programs
Advertiser: Faculty of Marketing & Communication at UPC
Project: A strategy of communication for students of Marketing career at the university. 

Degree programs will be downloaded through to a landing page. The syllabus will update to a new version soon (analogy-comparing it with a computer software).

The challenge to communicate was to used the social media, common areas in the school and student's smartphones.
In that campaign, I created human billboards, flyers, and signals at the university as shown in the images below. Also, I needed to create a name for this New Degree Programs.

Advertiser: UPC Universidad Peruana de Ciencia Aplicadas
Career: Department of Communication & Marketing at UPC
Career Director: Monica Goyzueta
Concept Art Director: Marco Zuniga
Graphic Designer : Marco Zuniga

Selling idea

WhatsApp Group


Code QR

Flyer gave in common areas

A responsive landing page


Human Billboards at common areas

Social media

A landing page

Launch!... in a landing page

A brochure

Social media quotes

Named: Com&Mkt14 (New syllabus)

Graphic design assets

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