Monday, August 29, 2016

Jacquie Marquez | Branding

Brief Explanation:
For this project, Jacquie needed to create a social media channel on YouTube to shows healthy food videos. We needed to enhance her identity and to create a name for her social networking.

Starting her career in the telenovela industry, Jacquie Marquez became a familiar face in the entertainment business and more recently expanded her career into the kitchen, as a chef. 
Jacquie would later go on to open her own catering company based in Miami called "Food Smarter" which specializes in eating intelligently. Following the launch of her catering company, she combined her culinary perspective with her on-camera skills to participate in ABC's program The Chew on their search for the Weight Watchers Chef. After a nationwide search of thousands of chefs, six remained with Jacquie being one of them. In addition to domestic programming, Jacquie has appeared in international programs like Telemundo's Un Nuevo Día and Univision's Despierta America.

With the expected 2016 launch of her YouTube channel, Es Por Ti, which primarily focuses on baby nutrition and empowering new moms, she is poised to take the next step in her life and career.

• Come up with a name and logotype.
• Creating a brand identity package to reflect her personality.
• Bringing together all of her social media channels so that there is cohesiveness with her logotype and brand colors.
• Creating a storyboard to shows her videos, then to increase engagements with her followers.
• Creating a YouTube channel with a targeted audience of Hispanics and Americans.
• I Set-up a photo shoot at Jacquie’s home to serve as a diary of moments and activities in her life on a daily basis as you can see the photo shoots below.

• I combined her social media channels and branded them under the name “Jacquie Marquez”

Campaign description:
This project shows the challenge to introduce Jacquie as a healthy food chef on her social media networking. I wrote the table of contents to build her branding. So, we decided on this occasion was to design, produce a brand identity and a storyboard for her YouTube channel. First, we created an identity to reflect her personality, then, we set-up a photo shoot at the chef's home to capture her daily life activities as a concept.

Table of contents:
• Welcome to Jacquie Marquez
• BIO Jacquie Marquez
• Our values and personality
• Wordmark - principle
  a. Wordmark
  b. Letterform Mark
• Heart - principle
  a. Inspiration
• Backgrounds
a. Vertical version
b. Landscape version
c. Background photo versions
• Typography
• Color - specification
• Logotype - application
• Jacquie - The person
• Jacquie - The Brand
• Look and feel

Agency: GMG Advertising
Advertiser: Jacquie Marquez
Category: Personal Brand Identity / Brand Guidelines
CEO: Mike Beovides
Senior Account Manager: Jennifer Rangel
Concept Art Director: Marco Zuniga
Art Director: Marco Zuniga
Graphic Designer: Marco Zuniga
Photography: Ines Ayra

Jacquie's biography

Values and personality



Backgrounds & Typography

Brand colors

Chef jacket design


YouTube channel - Logotype & Colors

Storyboard - YouTube Intro

YouTube channel - Elements application

 Proposals Look & Feel

Art Direction Photoshoot

Look and feel


Thank you, Jacquie!

Chef Brian Aaron I Branding

"Farm to Table" idea
We executed a unique brand identity, and a photoshoot to emphasize the "Farm to Table" aspects of Aaron's Catering company. Furthermore, we produced photos of the lifestyle of Chef Brian Aaron.


Chef Brian Aaron, entrepreneur, restaurant consultant, visionary, and owner of an acclaimed catering company, Aaron's Catering. Established in the industry, Brian has had the opportunity to cater for celebrities like Dwayne Wade, Gloria Estefan, Julio Iglesias, and Hilary Clinton, as well as corporate companies like Coca-Cola, Moet, and Lamborghini to name a few. The success of these events has afforded Brian accolades like being named The Top 20 Industry Leaders Under 40 by BizBash, The People Who Make Miami by Ocean Drive, and The 68 Most Innovative Event Pros by BizBash. 
Chef Brian Aaron continues to innovate through his travels while changing the overall perception of a sustainable, fresh, and organic lifestyle. As a lifelong student of the food industry, Brian has always felt honored by the ability to share his culinary experience with others.  


The first step to creating the chef's brand identity was to write a table of contents, the next step was to think about a representative logotype.

The challenge to create it was to unify his new logotype with the catering company logotype. We consolidated them with his last name "Aaron".  I used a brush technique with pasta sauce to create his wordmark. As you can see, inside the logotype conception in this article.

Also, we thought of a photoshoot having as a reference the concept "farm to table."
Lastly, we created the marketing support and social media of Chef Brian Aaron along with his catering company.

• Building a unique brand identity.
• Developing brand guidelines for his catering company named Aaron's Catering.
• Designing a logotype that is representative of the business and future projects.
• Come up with a visual communication campaign.


"Farm to Table"

• We executed a photo shoot to emphasizing the "Farm to Table" aspects of Aaron's Catering and Lifestyle for Chef Brian Aaron.

• Conceptualized and established brand identity guidelines where we combined Chef Brian Aaron identity and Aaron's catering.

Agency: GMG Advertising
Advertiser: Brian Aaron
Category: Personal Brand Identity / Brand Guidelines
CEO: Mike Beovides
Account Executive: Jennifer Rangel
Concept Art Director: Mark Zuniga
Graphic Designer: Mark Zuniga
Copywriter: Jennifer Rangel
Photography: Ines Ayra


1. Brian: Lifestyle
- Bio: Family | Friends | Travel | Awareness

2. Chef Brian Aaron
Reflecting Brian: Characteristics: The Person | The Brand
- Communications Strategy
- Brand Values. Overview
- Design Essence
- Chef Brian Aaron: Wordmark | Letterform marks | Typography | Inspiration | Wordmark color usage | Application

3. Aaron's Catering
- Aaron’s Catering: Wordmark | Letterform marks | Typography | Wordmark color usage | Application
- Our Brands: Brand Colors | Secondary colors | Our Brand Extensions
- Aaron’s Catering: Imagery
- Food | Farm to Table | The Chef

4. Social Media

Brian's biography

Reflecting Brian
Characteristics: The Person | The Brand

Design essence



Wordmark color usage and architecture

Wordmark Application

Aaron's Catering
Business name


Wordmark color usage and architecture

Wordmark Application

Brand colors

Brand extensions

Visual content and design, tasks as, set of design guidelines, line art style, fonts, colors, images and space that ensure consistency across their interface.

Imagery - Art Direction photo shoot


Art Direction photo shoot

Making logo

Our core brand development

Define clear positioning

Develop Brian Aaron's ESSENCE OR "BRANDING" truly DIFFERENTIATED from and oriented based on what Brian Aaron can offer and what CONSUMERS are looking for.

With clear branding, DIFFERENTIAL INDICATORS will be found to build a STRONG ESSENCE that will be PREFERRED amongst Brian Aaron's AUDIENCE.

Is Brian Aaron

What does he offer
what does he do 
what does he do for his consumers

to whom?
is Brian Aaron speaking to
is the relevant or interesting to them

Will they prefer Brian Aaron
will they choose him

Are these consumers geographically and attitudinally 

Are the best times to enter and maintain contact with them

This way we will find essential POINTS OF VALUE for the DESIRED CONSUMER

Once the framework has been established, we move on to the design.

What this will make is easier to establish channels of communication and ways to reach your AUDIENCE IN A BETTER MORE CLEAR, AND CONSISTENT MANNER.

Thank you, Brian!