Monday, November 28, 2022

A delicious explosion of fruit flavor awaits you in Welch's juice. AI tools-based campaign

The use of artificial intelligence tools by advertising agencies, creatives, or freelancers can be one of the most effective and powerful ways to promote a brand and its products. The ability to create visually appealing and engaging images will enable you to grab the attention of potential customers and persuade them to try the product for themselves.

As a part of a self-project advertisement campaign for Welch's juice included the use of artificial intelligence programs such as Dall-E from Open AI, Midjourney, Jasper AI, and Luminar Neo. Using those tools, I generated a concept design that showcases the flavor of the juice through an explosion effect. In order to conceive of the idea of showing the juice of grapes and mango fruits, in this case, I decided to use grapes and mango fruits in an exploding effect in order to demonstrate this idea.

The explosion of delicious fruit flavor in this concept represents the mouth-watering taste of our juice. Made with real fruit juice, this product is packed with 100% of the daily value of Vitamin C and has a refreshing, thirst-quenching taste. And best of all, 100% of their profits go to supporting American family farmers.

My concept design showcases the explosion of delicious fruit flavor in the juice. 

Below are images generated by Midjourney AI:

Welch's juices are made with real fruit juice and packed with 100% of the daily value of Vitamin C, the juice has a refreshing and satisfying taste. Plus, by purchasing Welch's juice, you're supporting American family farmers, as 100% of our profits go directly to them.

Once the concept design has been created using artificial intelligence, you can enhance the image with Adobe Photoshop. With Luminar Neo, you can automatically retouch and adjust images to make them look professional and eye-catching by adjusting color, lighting, and composition automatically, Luminar Neo AI it is a powered photo editor

To create the explosion effect, you can continue to use Photoshop's filters and effects in order to make the fruits look juicy and delicious in order to create an explosion effect. 
You can also use Dall-e AI's clone stamp tool to add splatters of juice and fruit to the image, giving it a more realistic and mouth-watering look by adding bits of fruit and juice splatters to the image.

Below is how Dalll-e generates the background to the right and left to continue the image using the same colors and textures

Below you can see AI tools from Luminar Neo such as enhance AI, relight AI, atmosphere AI and other extensions

Luminar Neo AI results:

In addition to creating the campaign images, AI tools can also be used to create accompanying text and copy for the ads like Jasper AI to write your marketing copy. You can use this to create catchy taglines and descriptions that will catch customers' attention and convince them to try your juice.

I believe that using AI tools to generate advertising images for a juice brand is an effective way to create powerful and effective marketing materials that will help to promote the brand and its products as a whole. By using AI to create visually appealing and engaging images, you can grab the attention of potential customers and convince them to try your juice by capturing their attention.

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator results:

Advertiser: Welch's
Project: Advertising Ad. Self project
Art Director: Mark Zuniga
Head of Creative: Mark Zuniga
Copywriter: Welch's
Illustration: AI Tools
Retoucher: Mark Zuniga

Friday, August 26, 2022

AeroGarden Smart Farming at Home

AeroGarden Smart farming at home from the Plant to the Plate - a new way to grow food

If you've ever wanted to enjoy the freshness of home-grown herbs, vegetables, salad greens, or flowers, but don't have the time or space for a traditional garden, then AeroGarden is the perfect solution. With AeroGarden, you can create your own self-watering garden that anyone can enjoy, no matter their gardening experience.
Smart Farming at home idea was designed in a way that would resemble the concept of an actual farm where a person can pick up herbs, vegetables, salad greens, and flowers directly from their homes. A person can enjoy the freshness of home-grown herbs, vegetables, and flowers with AeroGarden.
I was able to create this idea using fresh vegetables and tomatoes. The product was placed in a soil in order to represent the soil of the land, and it was put in a kitchen in order to represent the customer who is searching for a way to take advantage of smart farming at home on a typical day.

For more information AeroGarden is incredibly easy to use. Simply insert your pre-seeded pods into the AeroGarden, add water and the patented Liquid Nutrients, and your plants will flourish in no time. And with AeroGarden's smart technology, you'll never have to worry about over-watering or under-watering your plants.

Advertiser: AeroGarden
Project: Advertising Ad. Self project
Art Director: Mark Zuniga
Copywriter: AeroGarden
Photography: Mark Zuniga

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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Swatch Black Magic

Featuring an oversized BIOCERAMIC case and bezel in matte black, this BIG BOLD BIOCERAMIC watch is beautifully designed with a black silicone strap with a dark gray print. In addition to enhancing the white superlight feature on the black hands, the solid black dial emphasizes the sense of adventure. Inspired by a compass needle, the second hand amplifies the sense of adventure. It was the massive basalt formations and dark caves that inspired this timepiece, and if you look closely enough, you will be able to see them.

Black Magic. Look close enough and you'll see the monumental basalt formations and deep, dark caves that inspired this timepiece.

Advertiser: Swatch
Project: Advertising Ad
Live site:
Art Director: Mark Zuniga
Copywriter: Swatch
Photography: Mark Zuniga
Type: Self project

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