Friday, March 20, 2020

ESD Brand book. Branding

I’ve been working in the ESD brand, creating brand guidelines and the ESD brand book, which includes branding, brand identity, photography, digital media, web design, and the look and feel of the brand. Tasks such as logotype design, collateral design, brand collaborations, packaging design, product design, printing, and PPT presentations. In the look and feel of the brand, projects with brand collaboration, internal departments, how to place the logo with internal department names with examples by department type treatments, and their e-mail signature.

Regarding photography creative direction, I've been working to know and understand ESD brand personality traits creating templates and examples for their own products, and how to apply them on Amazon FBA. 

Advertiser: ESD Distributions
Project: ESD Brand Book
Software: Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Dimensions / Adobe Lightroom / Adobe Indesign
Copywriter: Jaime Escobar
Head of Art: Mark Zuniga
Art Director: Mark Zuniga
Graphic Designer: Mark Zuniga
Photographer: Mark Zuniga

Brand Book by page


Corporate signature

Corporate trademark anatomy

Pattern construction