Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Acid NYC. Web Design


ACID NYC was founded and launched by the New York City born and Bred Design Team of Evelyn Luna & Scott Chester in March 2014. ACID NYC creates modern silhouettes designed with a limited edition, unique & vibrant prints for Women and Men that can be worn from day to evening. The ACID NYC Collections have garnered positive press throughout the US fashion industry and in the international press.

A website proposal for our client included a website layout, functionality of navigation, user interface, burger icon functionality, assets design, character styles, colors, and symbols.

I started this project with the functionality of navigation. I created a better user experience of their navigation to shop by collection,  by brand, and by category depends what looking for. Also, Into the Brand Collections, each collection include a video to see more about the essence of collection.

I thought customers feel more safe buying into a website that shows your services clearly of shipping,  returns, contact email, secure payments, and FAQs. To resolve that issue I used the burger icon to clicked and see icons representing each services.

Advertiser: Acid NYC Clothing
Advertising Agency: GMG Advertising
Project: Prototype - New website
Software: Adobe XD/ Adobe Photoshop
CEO: Mike Beovides
Art Director: Mark Zuniga
Web Graphic Designer: Mark Zuniga
UI/UX Designer: Mark Zuniga
Photography: Acid NYC Clothing

Functionality of the navigation

Assets design

Website design

User interface. Shopping by Collection, Brand, and Category

By collection

By brand

By category

Burger icon functionality

Iterative design. High fidelity design

Monday, April 13, 2020

The door's paradise. Florida Lumber

Title: The door's paradise
Agency: GMG Advertising Agency. Miami FL
Advertiser: Florida Lumber
Category: Billboard
CEO: Mike Beovides
Art Director: Mark Zuniga
Copywriter: Mark Zuniga
Graphic designer & Retoucher: Mark Zuniga
Medium: Billboard